Twitter Official Partner Program


Get the most out of Twitter

Twitter Official Partners are an elite set of companies, recognized for what they do best. Work with a partner to increase returns on advertising campaigns, gain brand insights, scale customer care and more. Their goal is to help your business achieve better results on Twitter.

Why work with a Twitter Official Partner?

Increase campaign performance

Scale, manage and measure paid campaign performance to ensure you achieve your objectives.

Gain deep insights

Identify audience and market insights, measure and optimize marketing, and monitor trends and crises.

Market more effectively

Oversee your brand's social presence, discover and display engaging content, and manage customer service interactions at scale.  

"Comprendi’s unique offering has been instrumental to our success on Twitter. They took us from 0 to top 20% of installed gaming apps in a few months"

Mark BeckVP of User Acquisition at Product Madness, a Comprendi client

Grow your business with a Twitter Official Partner