Socialmetrix helps brands understand consumer sentiment and opinions, providing actionable insights to their day-to-day activities

Unique solution and capabilities

Socialmetrix Echo monitors social media conversations about your company, products, and competitors. It captures vital information that helps you better understand what people are saying about your company and products across all social channels. With only a few clicks through its intuitive interface, Echo creates qualitative and quantitative analyses.

Socialmetrix Echo helps businesses:

  • Determine how people feel about their brand
  • Listen to - and about - competitors
  • Identify business opportunities through trend analysis
  • Monitor the success of marketing campaigns
  • Ensure crisis management through real-time monitoring and alerting capabilities
  • Identify and engage with key influencers and opinion leaders
  • Share results across the company through simple reporting capabilities
  • Socialmetrix provides reporting services and local customer support in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Example Customers

  • @MetLifeMx
  • @MaryKayBrasil
  • @Yahoo_Espanol
  • @PepsiBr
  • @RenaultArg


Socialmetrix Echo is available on a subscription basis.
Pricing for Socialmetrix Echo is based on the monitoring scope and your specific needs.