MediaMath is a digital marketing technology company dedicated to reengineering modern marketing to offer transformative results based on tangible goals.

Unique solutions and capabilities:

  • Users can leverage our data management platform to build audience segments based on consumers' digital transactions, bringing 1p data to the Twitter environment.
  • Supported approaches to audience creation: the web approach. Connecting with users on Twitter based on their off-Twitter web browsing behavior. Creation of audiences based on cookie IDs.
  • Glass box approach: Gain full transparency into algorithm outputs and media & audiences purchased, providing unmatched accountability and control.
  • Open platform with full APIs to provide unparalleled extensibility and customizability allows marketers to build solutions tailored to their unique needs.
  • Goal-based optimization to deliver superior results against any marketing metric - consistently outperforming other platforms in head-to-head tests.

Service type: Self service

Fee structure: Fee charged directly to the client. $5,000 recurring monthly fee for clients who enroll to use the TerminalOne Twitter app.