Livefyre is a real-time content marketing & engagement platform that lets marketers easily create and deploy engaging experiences on their digital properties.

Unique solution and capabilities

The Livefyre platform powers the most comprehensive suite of real-time applications on the market, including tools for building engagement around your content, like comments, Sidenotes, social storytelling, and ratings and reviews. With Curate you can also aggregate, filter and display content from Twitter, while easily controlling what is displayed in real-time through advanced moderation tools. This content can be seamlessly integrated into websites, mobile apps, advertisements or live displays to increase engagement and build brand loyalty.

With Livefyre Studio, marketers and product teams can quickly discover, organize and distribute real-time content into their digital properties, without writing a single line of code. And for those looking to build custom experiences, Livefyre provides a full library of APIs, web and mobile SDKs, developer documentation and sample code.


Livefyre has an annual subscription model with licensing costs ranging from $50k to over $400k.