Decodes human interactions from consumer data on social platforms

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Optimization Tools
Ads Analytics 
Targeting Enhancements
1st Party Audience Onboarding
Ad Creation
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SocialCode combines audience data, insights, creative, and measurement to drive superior performance for your brand. Its technology is purpose-built for social and handles 3 billion impressions served on social channels and 1 million proprietary data points. When combined with its expert teams, SocialCode unlocks precise targeting for their clients’ best customers and prospects to maximize ROI.

SocialCode Audience Intelligence Platform

Deliver an audience-first approach by empowering brands to safely use their first-party data for analysis, segmentation, activation, optimization, and reporting.

SocialCode SmartAudience

SocialCode drives a deeper understanding of the dominant attributes of your customers and uses that insight to identify your best potential prospects.

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