NTT Data

Cross-analyze X data with customer data from internal, proprietary, or other sources

Helps with
  • Consumer & Market Insights
  • Customer Feedback
  • Event Monitoring
  • Brand Monitoring

NTT Data is a Japanese company that directly consumes and syndicates the firehose for serving analytic tools and system integration solutions. Using its API, businesses can distill the full firehose down in real time on a keyword basis. In addition, NTT Data supports the historical search, and all data back to 2006 is accessible separately.

Customers include:

  • NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation)
  • NEC Corporation
  • Plus Alpha Consulting Co., Ltd.
  • JX Press Corporation
  • NICT (National Institute of Information and Communications Technology)

NTT Data offers audience-profiling technology built on top of the language-processing engine. X data can be cross-analyzed with customer data from internal, proprietary, or other sources. Already serving customers in the media, consumer electronics, and marketing fields, NTT Data has been working in new areas such as innovative product development with AI and machine-learning solutions.



"X data allowed us to accurately identify and analyze 300,000 tourist locations to help improve Japan tourism."

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