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In today’s connected world, consumers use social media to instantly convey experiences and opinions to friends and followers, and that includes sharing what they’re watching on TV. This behavior has introduced a new layer of complexity for networks looking to understand the success of audience engagement efforts and for agencies and advertisers looking to drive earned media through social TV strategies.

Nielsen Social provides the metrics that TV networks, agencies, and advertisers need to measure, understand, and act on social TV. Social Content Ratings (SCR) is the industry’s leading third-party measurement of total program-related activity on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. SCR introduces apples-to-apples comparability for social TV at scale, delivering syndicated measurement of the most popular TV networks and over-the-top streaming providers. With SCR, networks, advertisers, and agencies can effectively measure total social TV activity and understand how and when authors engage with programs across social networks.


Nielsen SocialGuide and On Now tools enable networks, agencies, and advertisers to measure, analyze, and engage Twitter TV audiences in real time. Nielsen Social Ratings metrics are the first-ever measure of the total activity and reach of TV-related conversation on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. As a complement to traditional TV ratings, Nielsen’s SCR data enables networks, advertisers, and agencies to better understand who is engaging with programming, as well as analyze the relationship between publisher TV conversation and audience tune-in. In addition, networks, content owners, and talent agencies can use SCR data to identify, quantify, and compare their talents’ social contribution relative to their competition. SCR’s Affinity and Effect ad solutions are powered by Twitter and measure over 2,500 brands and theatrically released films. With these solutions, networks, advertisers, and agencies can use social as the signal for where to place ads and quantify the success of their campaigns.

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