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Free to download and use for all advertisers.

Pricing for managed services supports both % of media spend and flat-fee models.



Flightly provides a mobile app that enables you to manage and create campaigns from wherever you are. With a background in mobile app and game development, Flightly brings a unique blend of user acquisition expertise, analytical insights, and tech innovation into its solution.

Using the Twitter Ads mobile app from Flightly, you can:

• Work with all campaigns, including those launched from other platforms or directly on Twitter
• Launch campaigns, create Tweets, adjust bids and budgets, and view campaign performance
• Advertise at the speed of Twitter — see what’s trending and easily create campaigns from it
• Get alerts as soon as there are changes to your campaign’s status or performance with user-defined push notifications


Flightly’s managed services team works hand in hand with advertisers to understand their goals, plan and execute campaigns on Twitter, and provide reporting and analysis. Enjoy a personalized strategy and recommendations from an experienced, responsive team that knows the Twitter platform well and has a working relationship with Twitter account managers to ensure ROI for your brand.

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