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Dataminr’s solutions for corporate security, finance, the public sector, news, and PR/communications are relied on 24/7 by hundreds of clients in over 70 countries. Dataminr has been recognized as one of the world’s leading businesses in AI and machine learning innovation, pioneering groundbreaking technology for detecting, classifying, and determining the significance of public information in real time.


Dataminr for news delivers the earliest tips for breaking news, off-the-radar content, and pre-viral stories, helping journalists make stronger editorial decisions and produce high-quality reporting that engages audiences.

Corporate security

Dataminr for corporate security delivers the earliest possible warning of real-time threats to personnel, facilities, operations, and interests around the world, so security teams can quickly prepare the most effective response.

Public sector

Dataminr for public sector alerts first responders to breaking events, enabling the fastest real-time response.


Dataminr for communications alerts communications professionals to company-impacting events and stories at the earliest possible moment, gaining valuable time to defuse a crisis or act on a brand-building opportunity.


Dataminr for finance helps financial professionals learn about market-moving events earlier and discover differentiated content that can be transformed into sharper insights, better opportunities, and more profitable decisions.


We use Dataminr to stay ahead of media calls. When they call, we already know what it’s about and can sometimes pre-plan our response. This is vital because social media is really driving the news cycle.

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