Bloomberg provides a unified source for the information that moves markets and tools for users to incorporate actionable signals in strategic analysis and investment decisions.

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The Bloomberg Terminal®, along with our enterprise data solutions, provides financial and business professionals with a unified source for the real-time data, breaking news, in-depth research, powerful analytics, and world-class execution capabilities. 

Our early integration of Twitter on the Bloomberg Terminal and in multiple functions over the past ten years has enabled us to provide clients with the seamless discovery of the most meaningful signals they need to make faster and better-informed decisions—whether those appear in headlines, market data, or Tweets.


The Bloomberg-curated Twitter feed provides a powerful solution for systematically ingesting tweets. Built on the back of innovative NLP techniques, this feed provides clients with a compact, curated, metadata-enriched Twitter stream.

Bloomberg understands the importance of speed in finance. Bloomberg applies NLP and machine learning to display Twitter content and analytics on the Bloomberg Terminal within milliseconds of Tweet delivery via customizable desktop alerts, and also provides this content via API in Event Driven Feeds.

Built for quantitative traders, Bloomberg Event-Driven Feeds are highly structured and specifically designed to deliver real-time, machine-readable data—including breaking headlines, exclusive global coverage, structured financial data, news and social analytics and global economic indicators—for black box applications.

Using advanced AI and curation tools for processing and entity mapping, Bloomberg refines the Twitter feed at scale on a real-time basis to the most financially relevant and newsworthy Tweets. The content is mapped to organizations, topics, and people, so the refined, ad-free, feed can be further curated and filtered by individual end-user interests. 

Bloomberg’s reliable, redundant, and low latency system ensures the most relevant content, with the best signal, is delivered in real-time. Bloomberg’s global newsroom also validates Tweets that are newsworthy so clients have confidence in the content and the source. 


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