Black Swan Data

Never miss a trend again. Identify, connect and predict emerging consumer trends with scientific accuracy.

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Black Swan Data is a consumer intelligence technology provider that harnesses the power of social data to identify, connect and predict important consumer trends.  

Their flagship product, TRENDSCOPE, continually ingests millions of real-time social data conversations to analyse which consumer needs, benefits and products are forecast to grow fastest in the future. The platform is powered by a TPV (Trend Prediction Value) algorithm which has an 89% rated prediction accuracy at forecasting trends 6+ months out.    

Their solutions are used by some of the world’s leading consumer goods companies to identify strategic growth and new product innovation opportunities. 

True behavioral insight​

Remove the subjectivity and bias of traditional market research by placing big data and no-questions-asked behavioral data at the heart of your company’s Consumer Insight’s capability.​


Connecting trends creates opportunities

Black Swan’s association and network clustering analysis understand how macro growth drivers (e.g. Mental Health) manifest as micro-level trends (e.g. Melatonin Gummies). It enables brands to identify and activate new product innovation ideas faster.


Self-serve platform that enables users to easily access, analyze and apply Black Swan’s trend prediction data against each step of the new product innovation process.

Never miss a trend again

We can only look for what we already know and often new opportunities sit outside our current understanding. Black Swan’s technology surfaces every category trend being talked about online to identify unknown and emerging trends earlier.


Predict with scientific accuracy

Black Swan’s TPV algorithm predicts a trends future trajectory with an 89% accuracy 6+ months out. It delivers an objective measure to prioritize trends and keeps brands ahead of the curve. 

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