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4C offers a first-class ads buying tool with unique engagement-based affinity analysis, providing high-performing targeting suggestions. 4C helps Fortune 500 brands, large agencies, and media and network companies gain actionable insights on how buyers make decisions and learn about other brands who they are loyal to. This information illustrates how certain digital behavior affects consumer affinity — or sentiment — about a brand.

4C understands that affinity between an audience member and a brand is especially high when a brand drives strong engagement. Its technology helps brands use real-time social data to inform highly targeted social ads that grow affinity among key audiences.

4C’s social ad-buying platform is the most efficient and accurate solution on the market. By using proprietary social affinity currency, which is built on audience affinity, a brand can build more engaged audiences on Twitter and other social networks. The 4C platform tells you exactly who to target based on the desired results and with its scalable work flows, a brand can create multiple ads, campaigns, and even accounts in minutes.

4C gives clients access to the largest collection of publicly available social data and helps them navigate how to use it. Whether it’s creating affinity lookalike models from data on more than 1 billion social users or analyzing how buyers truly connect with more than 100,000 brands, 4C makes social intelligence-driven insights efficient, easy, and cost-effective.


Brands can uncover new audiences on Twitter with 4C’s unique data science and custom audience segments.


Brands can automate campaign pacing, optimize using predictive data science, and evaluate performance alongside other channels.


With 4C’s proprietary tools, brands can scale campaigns with ease and help them maximize efficiency through workflow automation and streamlining. Further resources are available on its website: Creative Hub, TV Sync, Weather Sync, Sport Sync, Rules-Based Optimization, Smart Groups, and Labels.

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