Birdseye Report

Analyzing X’s Communities

2022 industry insights and emerging trends, presented by X Official Partners.

Birdseye Report

Analyzing X’s Communities

2022 industry insights and emerging trends, presented by X Official Partners.

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Over the past year, the whole world — and how businesses operate — changed fundamentally and consumer reaction reverberated across the globe. In the Birdseye Report, X Official Partners tap into these conversations to identify meaningful insights and emerging trends within key industries – empowering brands to craft innovative and impactful strategies for 2022.

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TV/ Movies


Move-over influencers, content creators have entered the chat. Creator partnerships now account for nearly 74% of marketing budgets, and for good reason. Sprout data reveals how X acts as an engagement layer for content creators and compatible communities to bridge the gap between marketers and target audiences.



The financial community on X can offer a microcosmic view of society. Join Talkwalker as they uncover the topics this community craves, what’s really driving those conversations, and how brands can benefit from it all.



From logging food diary entries to weighing in on recipes and hot takes, food lovers make the most of X’s real-time discussions. Meltwater provides food for thought on how brands can keep up and connect with consumers as foodie trends continue to evolve.



Highly engaged and loyal fútbol fans around the world are finding real-time ways to share the joy and agony of the sport on X. In this report, NetBase Quid breaks down the nuances of this community to reveal how the brands that embrace them can optimize global consumer connections.



From eSports to Twitch, the diverse ecosystems within the gaming world are influencing movies, fashion, live sports and so much more. Discover how the niche gaming community is taking their passion mainstream on X, and level up your brand with actionable insights from Brandwatch.



X is the social media destination for real-time discussion around streaming TV shows, with the community voluntarily sharing a treasure trove of information about themselves. By focusing on audience affinities specific to the TV streaming audience, ListenFirst will show marketers how to find context for relevant targeting.



As the world adjusts to a new normal alongside year three of the COVID-19 pandemic, conversations around #wellness are taking on a new normal, too – with a focus on the mind and body connection. This report from Synthesio unlocks why holistic approaches are shaping interactions on X and how brands can tailor their health products and services to help consumers feel whole.

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