The Ads API program enables businesses to create and manage ad campaigns programmatically on Twitter. We are building an ecosystem of innovative and specialized ad tech partners to meet the needs of Twitter's diverse marketers.

Two phases (Developer & Standard) structure the program while partners develop and pilot their solutions.
Get started on Developer Access to the Twitter Ads API:


The Developer license provides access to all Ads API endpoints, dependent on the type of access requested, to develop your tool to completion. During this phase, you also onboard initial customers to gather at least two testimonials/case studies showing the performance or executional benefits of your platform. Developer-level partners are limited to a set amount of OAuth tokens according to the type of Ads API access requested:

Developer Access OAuth Token limits

Campaign creation, management, and analytics


Analytics only


Moving onto Standard Access:

When development and testimonials/case studies are complete, you can schedule a demo with the Twitter Ads API team at

During the demo, we will be looking for a functional, attractive design that meets all terms described in the Ads API Developer Agreement. We will be confirming that reporting is present supporting the products and campaign objectives that are important to the partner’s clients. Full API parity is not required.

For the testimonials/case studies, partners must submit two client statements that demonstrate their solution’s efficacy in achieving unique value addition to the Ads API ecosystem. Eligible campaigns have a minimum spend of $5000 for MMS/DSO advertisers and $500 for SMB. These testimonials/case studies will be used to educate Twitter teams about the partner’s offering and will not be distributed externally.

Once the Program manager checks off on the demo and testimonials/case studies, the partner will be elevated to Standard Access.


Once a partner graduates to Standard, OAuth token limits are lifted and the partner is able to scale their business. Standard partners can publicly advertise their full integration with Twitter Ads.

Moving onto TOP Program:

Standard partners are eligible to apply for the Twitter Official Partner Program. However, the Standard API license does not expire and these partners hold a stable position in the Ads API ecosystem in accordance with the Ads API Developer Agreement.


Twitter Official Partners have been recognized by Twitter because of their exceptional products or expert-level services and proven success on Twitter. Ads API partners can earn the TOP #AdTech certification by leading the ecosystem in revenue generation, product quality, and customer experience. Follow @OfficialPartner for more information.