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We call Twitter the world’s largest focus group. Every day, hundreds of millions of Tweets are shared, making Twitter a great source of public information about consumers’ thoughts, behaviors, and buying decisions.

But with so many Tweets, it can be hard to find what’s relevant to you, so our data partners put Twitter data in context, giving you actionable insights for social care, customer experience, product development, and so much more.  

Twitter Official Data Partners can help you:

Monitor Twitter

Track mentions of your brand, products, and competitors, and get alerts to spot trends and potential crises.

Listen to consumers

Learn about consumer sentiment to better understand your audience and what they talk about on Twitter.

Measure effectiveness

Track campaign performance and any big shifts in discussion, and tailor your social marketing accordingly.

Manage customer care

Identify and respond to your customers on Twitter, and manage those interactions at scale company-wide.

Manage your social presence

Plan, create, and execute social marketing campaigns with the help of a team of seasoned professionals.

Our featured data partners


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Brandwatch is the most trusted partner in social intelligence, helping the world’s biggest companies discover market insights and make them actionable in a variety of functions.

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Sprout Social

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Sprout's social media management and engagement software helps businesses provide exceptional consumer experiences across networks.

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Sprinklr is the world’s most complete enterprise social technology, purpose-built for large companies to drive business outcomes and manage customer experiences across all touchpoints.

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Brandwatch easily translates insights from social media into tangible action for our teams.

Jordan McDowell, Senior Digital Engagement Manager, Co-op



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