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Twitter Official Partners put insights into action for brands

Twitter is the largest, publicly available, searchable archive of human generated thought.

Open. Real time. Conversational. Historical and predictive.

What's possible when you know what the whole world is thinking and feeling? Discover our Official Partners to find out.

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Why work with Twitter Official data partners?

The Twitter Official badge represents excellence, value, and trust. By working with an Official Partner, you can have confidence that you are working with a company that has unprecedented access to all aspects of Twitter. Each partner who has earned the badge has been named best in breed after an extensive evaluation and is continuously reviewed to ensure they continue to deliver great experiences.

Best in breed

Thousands apply yet only a select few companies are awarded the badge by passing an extensive evaluation. Twitter conducts a complete company review spanning 80+ points of criteria.

Early innovators

Twitter Official Partners receive early access to information and betas such as API product changes, Twitter feature releases, updates, and more.

Held to the highest standards

Partners are continually reviewed to ensure they deliver the highest caliber client experience. Twitter's API Policy & Support team provides ongoing consultation and feedback to ensure product compliance.

Supported for success

Partner are supported by a cross-functional team to ensure product, data and account management are all aligned. They are also provided cross-org access to enable all teams within Twitter to partner with the developer ecosystem.

Unparalled access to Twitter Data

Partners are granted unlimited access to every data product without restriction, both historical and real time, to provide dependable social insights.

What can I do with Twitter Official data partners?

Be informed
Monitor Twitter. Track mentions of your brand, products, and competitors to spot trends and potential crises.
Get organized
Manage Social. Plan, create, and execute social marketing campaigns from seasoned professionals.
Stay relevant
Listen to customers. Learn about consumer sentiment to better understand your audience and what they talk about on Twitter.
Spend money wisely
Manage effectiveness. Track campaign performance and shifts in the discussion.
Save time

Manage customer care. Identify and respond to customers interactions at scale and company-wide.

Who works with Twitter Official data partners?

Enterprise brands

Industry leaders and SMBs across retail, finance, CPG, M&E, tech and more rely on partner solutions.


Companies of all sizes benefit from working with Twitter data partners to grow their businesses.


Partner solutions are built with scale and efficiency in mind to solve problems unique to agencies.

Who is in the Twitter Official Partner Program?

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