Common questions from developers on the Twitter Ads API
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Q: How do I find my App ID?
A: Please review this page that outlines the steps to find your App ID. Instructions on How to Find your App ID.

Q: How do I upgrade to Standard Access? How can I get more OAuth tokens for my application?
A: Please review this page that outlines the process. You basically need to build out your platform, do a demo with the Twitter Ads API Program team, and provide 2 case studies/testimonials.
Learn more about the Ads API Program here.

Q: Are there differences in rate limits between Developer and Standard Access?
A: No, there is no difference in rate limits. The only difference is the number of OAuth tokens granted to the application.
Rate limits are applied at the OAuth Token level, so it is always recommended that you have each client/advertiser authenticate individually into your application, as opposed to having one user with multiple advertiser account access authenticate into the application.
Learn more about the Ads API rate limits here:

Q: Can I get rate limits increased or raised on the Ads API?
A: No, there is no process to increase rate limits. It is advised that you change the approach to using the various endpoints or the way you are letting users connect to your application.
For example, the most common way partners run into rate limit issues is on the analytic synchronous endpoints, where there is one user who is authenticated to the application while connected to multiple ad accounts. Since the rate limits are on the token level, and there are multiple ad accounts under one token that need data to be pulled, it would be very common for that token/user to hit the rate limits for the analytics endpoints.
To avoid this, each ad account, or advertiser, should authenticate to the application separately.

Q: Can I get on a call/screenshare with a technical support person?
A: No - our Partner Engineering team addresses any issues in our Ads API Forum:
Please first search for other topics that have the same issues you are experiencing, and if you can’t find a solution then, please start a new topic clearly explaining any technical issues you are having. It is best to post the Twurl calls you are using with the corresponding responses and errors.
If your ticket has not been addressed in more than 3 business days, you can contact us at with a link to your topic/issue, and we can check in on your issue.